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How to configure Xbox 360 pads for Win 7 x64

Eh, y a même une version française ! La voici.
If you are english, welcome, you’re on the right part !

Have you ever played with comfortable Xbox 360 joypads ? It’s the best for playing on Xbox 360. But what’s about PC ?

There are several types of pads, all compatibles as well on Xbox 360 and PC: the standard one (with a USB wire), the « true » wireless one and the Play and Charge pads.
The standard pad can be connected through USB on Xbox 360 and PC and the cable is 3 meters length; most of the time it is detected directly by Windows.

We have 2 kinds of wireless pads:

  • the Play and Charge pad, which is a pack including a controller, a rechargeable battery adapted to the controller and a USB recharge wire (the large plug on the top of the controller, on the middle) for charge your batteries without removing it, even while playing (the data connection is still wireless). Those controllers need to be synchronized with a receiver
  • the « true » one which is a normal controller with normal batteries placed in the standard battery case. Alkaline batteries are not good for the bank account or the nature, so I decided to buy some homemade rechargeable batteries with a larger capacity, which can be plugged to USB for power. The battery case have the same size on all pads. So without batteries, all these types of controllers are the same.

For both wireless pads, you need to have the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver, made by Microsoft, to link your computer and your controllers. Through my investigation, I even found some hackers who extracted the receiver included in the Xbox 360: you can find easily some tutorials but a receiver for the price of a Xbox 360 is… quite expensive nope ?
Why am I writing this tutorial ? Well, because Windows Seven 64 bits doesn’t support natively the drivers of the pads through the receiver and because after several hours past to search for a solution, I finally found it. I thought useful to write this guide for myself first because it happens that I reload my system some times, and secondly for all the Internet to avoid this pain in the ass which is those hours of DuckDuckGoing (Googling if you prefer) for helpful information and files.
And the weirdest is that Xbox 360 is developed by… Microsoft. What’s a shame.

Here is the guide: (0 = Uninstall steps)
0- Uninstall Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories if you have it (Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel)
0- Download that and unzip it. These are register instructions for suppressing traces of the previously plugged controllers. Right click on each file then click on Install. Confirm if a dialbox appears.

  • Download and install the Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2 64-bit for Windows 7. Restart your system if it asks for.
  • Plug your Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver, directly on a motherboard USB port in preference (USB huds can lead to problems). Windows will try to find a driver but it wouldn’t.
  • Open Devices and Printers in the Windows Control Panel. Double click on the unknown device in the bottom of the list.
  • Go to Hardware tab -> button Properties -> Driver tab.
  • Update Driver… -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Choose Model: Common Microsoft controller for Windows Class
  • Choose Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows -> Next. Click Yes on the warning
  • Power your wireless pads by holding down the central button. Normally, they will be recognized by Windows automatically (the green ring switches to a circle quarter). If the rings keeps strobbing, synchronize the controller and the receiver by holding the single button of the receiver until the light twinkles (then you can release the button), and finally, hold down the detection button on the top of the pad until the light circle changes. Do the same for your other pads.

If you want to add standard pads (with a USB wire), maybe it will not work and/or it won’t get nothing on the pad light circle. In that case:

  • Go to Device and Printers, right click on Xbox 360 Controller for Windows -> Troubleshoot
  • On the « The driver is not installed » window -> Apply this fix

And here you are with a full potential of four Xbox 360 wireless pads for your multivitamined PC, with the console gameplay ! Now, you can play to the redneck Mario Kart « Blur », ultras combos on SSFIV, hardcore platform with Super Meat Boy and everything that could be played with pads ! But please, I’m begging you… A cute kitty dies every time a gamer play FPS with pad. Think about the future of lolcats.

Bonus: the pad of the left in the main picture of the article is the Xbox 360 Silver Controller edition. With its Terminator-like design, the D-pad have two positions: pad and stick. By turning the pad/stick on a quarter of a turn, the D-pad gets in or out of the circle part. A great idea by Microsoft, that I have not tried yet, but why not. Maybe it’s useful for hardcore gamers who have played several hundreds of hours on Street Fighter, because their left hand configuration forbid the use of the stick.